NCO White Visor Cap

Lieutenant White Visor Cap

Captain White Visor Cap

Admiral White Visor Cap

NCO Blue Visor Cap

Lieutenant Blue Visor Cap

Captain Blue Visor Cap

Admiral Blue Visor Cap

White Sailor Cap

Blue Sailor Cap

Officer Oversea Cap

Lieutenant Tan Visor Cap

Hats Order And Delivery

Please note that we do carry some stock for these hats, however when these beautiful hats sold out we will take about 2 weeks to handmade them. DHL tracked shipping takes about 1 week, please allow 3 to 4 weeks estimate to received these hats after you placed the order.


Hat Measuring Instruction

All our hat sizes are in centimeters (CM), start from 56cm to 63cm.

Generally Women hat size is around 56cm to 57cm, Men common hat size is 58cm or 59cm. We provide a hat sizes chart to convert U.S. hat size, for example: U.S. hat size 7 1/4 the correct size to order is 58cm, alternatively you can use the instruction following to manually measure the correct head size, another way is to use a tailor’s cloth measuring tape to measure around the internal circumference of your exiting hat. Please email to us: [email protected] if you need help with hat measurements.

How to Measure Your Head and Hat Size Using String and Measuring Tape