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WW2 German 501st Heavy Panzer Battalion T-Shirt
WW2 German Luftwaffe Wasp Emblem T-Shirt

WW2 German Submarine U boat U-48 T-Shirt

WW2 German Kriegsmarine U-boat Red U-96 T-Shirt

WW2 German Wehrmacht Emblem T-Shirt
WW2 B17 Flying Fortress Memphis Belle Pin Up T-Shirt

WW2 Imperial Japanese Kamikaze Flag T-Shirt

WW2 Luftwaffe Ace Werner Mölders T-Shirt

All our T Shirts are Made in USA and ship from USA. These Unisex Jersey Short Sleeve retail fit that is perfect for casual and semi-formal settings. 100% Airlume combed and ring-spun cotton feels soft to the touch. We have sizes from S to 3XL and many colour available. All T Shirts are ship with a tracking numbers.


“Preserving History Through Fashion: The Story Behind WW2 T-Shirts” We aims to highlight the importance of preserving historical events through fashion by focusing on WW2-themed t-shirts. To explore how these t-shirts serve as a medium for commemorating the sacrifices and victories of the war both Allied and Axis, while also raising awareness among younger generations.

We Provide Quality WW2 Reproductions for historical reenactments, as well as museums and theatre companies.

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WW2 German Army Heer

WW2 German Waffen-SS

WW2 German Luftwaffe

WW2 German Kriegsmarine

Vintage Flight Attendant Stewardess Uniform​

“The Evolution of Vintage Flight Attendant Uniforms Vintage Flight Attendant Uniforms: A Look Back in Time” – The history of flight attendant uniforms, starting from the early days of commercial aviation to the present day. These Vintage Flight Attendant Uniforms showcase how the uniforms have evolved over time, highlighting the different styles, colors, and fabrics that were popular during each era.

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