We Provide Authentic Reproduction WW2 German Militaria Collectibles.

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High Quality WW2 German Militaria Reproduction.

www.worldwar2-militaria.com is a site for historians, reenactors and collectors who need high quality reproductions at a fraction price of the original.

  We are constantly adding new items, so please come back and check our website more often, thank you for your patronize and visit to our store, all order will be send by expess mail and take about +- 8 to 10 working days to reach International address. 



 WW2 German Visor Caps

German Navy Kriegsmarine U-Boat Hat Matrosenmuetze (White Canvas Sailor Hat), SS Infantry Officer Visor Cap (Infantry), WH Infantry Officer Visor Cap (Infantry), Navy Kriegsmarine U-Boat Captain Hat, etc…


  WW2 German Awards

Museum quality 3rd Reich Awards and Badges.


   WW2 German Insignia

Heer, Waffen-SS, Luftwaffe, Cap insignia, Breast Eagles, Collar insignia, Shoulder boards, Cuff Titles, Edelweiss Badges, Rank Accessories (pips & braid), etc…


These fine reproductions are the famous gloves used by German Fallschirmjäger during WW2.

We DO NOT and WILL NOT ship to Germany. 



Disclaimer: www.worldwar2-militaria.com does not condone or wish to

glorify extremist regimes of the period such as the Nazi Third Reich.
We provide authentic hats, insignia, medals and equipment for
historical re-creation or theatrical purposes only.





 TV production looking for Reenactment Groups: 

Interested to take part in TV production?

Cheri Sundae Productions is looking Historical Reenactment Groups with BIG personalities for a potential TV series

Please contact Cheri Sundae Productions
  http://www.cherisundae.com in Burbank, CA.

Mr. Brad Hughling
Casting Associate
Cheri Sundae Productions
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1.SS-Division "Leibstandarte-SS Adolph Hitler": National (US).
1.SS-Division "Leibstandarte-SS Adolph Hitler":
1.SS-Division "LSSAH", Aufklärungs Abteilung 1 (TMHS):
1.SS-Division "LSSAH", Aufklärungs Abteilung 1: Arizona.
1.SS-Division "LSSAH", 11.Kompanie, 2.SS-Panzergrenadier Regiment:
East-coast US; also doing airsoft.
1.SS-Division "LSSAH", 11.Kompanie, 2.SS-Panzergrenadier Regiment:
East Coast (PA, NJ, MD, NY) US.
1.SS-Division "LSSAH", 2./SS-Pionier Battalion 1 (W2HPF):
East-coast US.
Second Battle Group:
 English LSSAH.
2.SS-Division, "Das Reich" (HRS):
2.SS-Division "Das Reich", 3.SS-Panzergrenadier Regiment "Deutschland" (TMHS):
2.SS-Division "Das Reich", 9.Kompanie, 3.SS-Panzergrenadier Regiment, "Deutchland", :
New England.
2.SS-Division "Das Reich", 12.Kompanie, 3.SS-Panzergrenadier Regiment "Deutschland", :
East-coast US.
2.SS-Division "Das Reich", 11.Kompanie, 4.SS-Panzergrenadier Regiment "Der Führer" (TMHS):
2.SS-Division "Das Reich", 2.SS-Panzer Aufklärungs Abt.: Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, & Canada.
2.SS-Division "Das Reich", SS-Panzer Pionier Bat. 2:
4.SS-Polizei_Panzergrenadier Division:
4. SS Panzer Grenadier "SS-Polizei Division" (WWIILHA) Mid-Atlantic region
5.SS-Division "Wiking", 2./SS-Panzer Pionier Bat. 5 (HRS):
 Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky, & Missouri.
5.SS-Division "Wiking", 2./SS-Aufklärungs Abteilung 5 (HRS) (E-mail link)
6.SS-Gebirgs-Division "Nord" (HRS):
Northern IN.
9.SS-Division "Hohenstaufen":
 East-coast US.
9.SS-Division "Hohenstaufen", 1. Kompanie, 20.SS Pz.Gren. Rgt.: Mid-South.
9.SS-Division "Hohenstaufen" 9./20.SS-Panzergrenadier Regiment (TSG): Michigan/Indiana.
9.SS-Division "Hohenstaufen" 12./20.SS-Panzergrenadier Regiment (PNWHG):
Northwest US.
9.SS-Division "Hohenstaufen": Aufklarungs Abteilung (Recon Battalion): Indiana
10.SS-Division "Frundsberg" 3./Panzer Aufklärungs Abt.10: East-coast US.
10.SS-Division "Frundsberg" I.G. Kompanie: Midwest.
10.SS-Division "Frundsberg" 1./SS Pionier Bat. 10 (TSG):
MI, OH, IN, IL, and GA.
11.SS-Friewilligen-Panzergrenadier Division "Nordland" (HRS/TSG):
11.SS-Friewilligen-Panzergrenadier Division "Nordland", 7./SS-Panzergrenadier Regiment 23 "Norge":
OH, IN, PA, and MI.
12.SS-Division "Hitlerjugend" (WW2 HRS):
12.SS-Division "Hitlerjugend":
12.SS-Division "Hitlerjugend" 5./SS-Panzer Aufklärungs Abt.12 (CHG): California.
12.SS-Division "Hitlerjugend", 1.Kompanie, SS-Panzergrenadier Rgt. 25: UK-based unit, doubling as US 2nd Armored.
Kompanie.1: UK-based unit portraying various German impressions, mainly that of 12.SS "Hitlerjugend".
14.SS-Division, SS-Grenadier Regiment 30:
16.SS-Division, "Reichsführer-SS":
17.SS-Division, "Götz von Berlichingen" (TMHS):
East Texas, Louisiana, and Arkansas.
17.SS-Division, "Götz von Berlichingen" (AHG):
SS-Panzer Aufklärungs Abt. 17, "Götz von Berlichingen":
Eastern Pennsylvania.
British Free Corps:
"Der Gruppe":
Northern Ireland.
Reenactment Group Nord:
Based in Sweden & Denmark.
102. schwere SS-Panzer Abteilung, Aufklarungs-Zug:
PA & OH.
SS-Fallschirmjäger Bat. 500 & 600: Florida-based.
99th SS Fallshirmjäger Einsatzgruppen:
National US.

SS Fallschirmjager 500/600 : UK base.

Axis Reenacting Units 

Der Erste Zug: East-coast unit portraying the average landser of WWII.
Großdeutschland Combat Trains (HRS):
Portraying support personnel (Field Kitchen, Medical, Feldgendarme).                  

7.Kompanie, "Großdeutschland" (W2HPG): East-coast.
2.Panzerdivision (WW2HRS):
Chicagoland & Midwest.
2.Panzerdivision, Panzergrenadier Regiment 2:
SE Canada.
2.Panzerdivision, 38.Panzer Pionier Bat. (TSG):
 Northern Ohio.
2.Panzerdivision, Feldgendarmerie Trupp 82 (mot.) (LHA):
UK field police unit.
3.Panzergrenadier Division:
New England.
4.Gebirgsjäger Division (TSG): Midwest US.
5.Gebirgsjäger Division, GJR.100 (WW2HRS):
11.Panzer-Division, Panzeraufklärungs-Abteilung 11:
21.Panzerdivision (CHG):
21.Panzerdivision, Pz.Gren.Regiment.192: Germany.
29.Panzergrenadier Division, Infanterie Regiment 15 (NMHA):
12. Infantrie Division: HRS and the Midsouth Reenactors, Arkansas, Mid South.
44.Infanterie-Division, "Hoch- und Deutschmeister" Infanterie Regiment 134: Southeast US.
45.Infanterie-Division, Infanterie Regiment 135: Based in South NJ, NY and PA.
79.Infanterie-Division, 3.Kompanie, Infanterie-Regiment 226:
East-coast US.
116.Panzerdivision "Windhund", 5.Kompanie, PzGren.Rgt.60 (HRS):
 Midwest US.
116.Panzerdivision "Windhund", 3./PzJgAbt. 228: Germany.
272. Fusilier Bataillon:
New York.
352.Infanterie-Division (TSG):
Central OH.
352.Infanterie-Division 5./Grenadier Regiment 916, (WWII LHA):
352.Infanterie-Division, Ostbattalion:
Singapore-based unit portaying the Asiatics serving the Wehrmacht.
43.Sturmpionier Bataillon:
1./Panzerjäger Abt. 61: CO & NM.
Infanterie Regiment 104:
1939-40 unit from the Midwest US.
Infanterie Regiment 131:
North Carolina.
360.Cossack Grenadier Regiment, ROA (E-mail link): Russian Cossack volunteer unit in Florida.
Grenadier Regiment 980:
 PA, NJ, and New England.
1./Feldgendarmerie Abt. 541:
 "Chain-dog" unit in New England.
Volkssturm Reenactors' Yahoo Group:
List forum for reenactors of the late-war German militia.

FJ Stab Kompanie/FJR.1 (NMHA):
Southern US.
10./Fallschirmjäger Regiment 1 (MHEA):
Midwest US.
3.Kompanie, Fallschirm-Pionier-Batallion 1, 1.Fallschirmjäger Division (W2HPG):
 Pennsylvania-based airborne engineer unit.
Fallschirmjäger Regiment 2 (TMHS):
Luftlande Sturmregiment (W2HPG):
New Jersey, Pennsylvania, & New York.
Fallschirm-Pionier-Battalion 5:
Germany-based historical & reenactment site.
15./Fallschirmjäger Regiment 5 (CHG): California.
2./Fallschirmjager Regiment 6 (WARS):
5./Fallschirmjäger Regiment 6 (HRHR):
 Midwest & east-coast US.
6./Fallschirmjäger Regiment 6:
14./Fallschirmjäger Regiment 6:
Traditionskompanie Fallschirmjäger Regiment 6: Recently authorized German-based historical group and Honour Guard of, for, and by the FJR.6 veterans' organization.
Fallschirmjäger Regiment 19 (HRS):
Midwest US.
Panzer Division "Hermann Göring", II/Panzergrenadier Regiment 1:
Mid-Atlantic US.
Division "Hermann Göring", 11.Kompanie, Panzeraufklärungs Abteilung 1 (NMHA): Southeast US.
Afrika Luftwaffe/"Hermann Göring" Reenactors: PA.
2.Fallschirmjäger Division (HRS):
Mid-West US.
16.Luftwaffe Felddivision, 1.Kompanie, Fusilier Battalion 16:
Southeast US.
17.Luftwaffe Felddivision (WWIIRPS):
17.Luftwaffe Felddivision (TMHS): Texas.
8. und 18.Luftwaffe Felddivisionen (NMHA):
 Southern US.
Luftwaffe Historical Group:
Air Force crew, paratroopers, and Field Division reenactors in the United Kingdom.
Luftwaffe Aircrew Reenactors Association: Living history group for airshows & displays; US nationwide.
8. und 18.Luftwaffe Felddivisionen (TSG):
FJR 2/ 13. Kompanie: "1941", Belgium, Holland.

Kriegsmarine Küstenabteilung: Based in TX & OK.
Kriegsmarine Küstenabteilung Atlantik:
Based out of eastern France.               
Kampfgruppe von Rybus:
Based in the Rocky Mountain states, combination of Heer, Luftwaffe and SS units.
Military Reenactment Inc:
Portraying 3.SS "Totenkopf", Jagdkommando, Afrikakorps, and Roman Legionnaires.
Kampfgruppe "Windhund":
Based in Europe, combination of Heer and Luftwaffe impressions.

Battaglione Para Nembo:
 RSI paratroopers out of the NY area.
Battaglione "IX Settembre": "Black shirt" special unit based in OH.
2nd. Sforzescia 54th. Infantry Rgt.
(E-mail link) Unit also portrays post-1943 "29.Division des SS. Italianisch Nr. 1".


Suomen Armeija KEV OS.4, 2nd Corps, 4th Division, Army Of The Isthmus:
Unit portraying the 4th Light Unit (fast-attack unit) from the Winter War of 1939-40 and the Continuation War of 1941-44.


Allied Reenacting Units

American GI:
Rocky Mountain region.
Dog Company:                                                                                                                            
1st Division, B-Co., 1/16th Regiment :
1st Division, E-Co., 2/16th Regiment: New York.
1st Division, E Co., 2/16th Regiment (NARES/LHA): UK.
1st Division, G-Co., 3rd Plt., 3rd Squad, 16th Regiment/299th Combat Engineers (TSG): Midwest US.
1st Division, K-Co., 3/16th Regiment (HRS): Midwest US.
1st Division, B-Co., 1/18th Regiment: Based in Poland.
1st Division, F-Co., 2/26th Regiment (PNWHG): Pacific Northwest.
1st Division, 26th Regiment: Long Island, NY.
1st Special Service Force: East-coast US.
1st Ranger Battalion: Northern-CA unit.
2nd Ranger Battalion: Missouri.
2nd Rangers - Airsoft: Using airsoft weapons in tactical combat events, in lieu of blanks.
2nd Ranger Battalion, A-Co.: NYC.
2nd Ranger Battalion, E-Co.: NY/NJ area.
2nd Ranger Battalion, F-Co.: South-East US.
2nd Squad: MD, VA, & PA area.
2nd Division, 9th Regiment (CHG): California.
2nd Division, A-Co., 23rd Regiment (HRS): NE & IA.
2nd Division, B-Co., 1/38th Regiment: Florida.
2nd Division, I-Co., 3/38th Regiment: New York.
2nd Division, K-Co., 3/38th Regiment: Florida.
2nd Armored Division, A-Co., 2/41st Armored Inf. Regiment.: UK-based unit, doubling as German 12.SS.
2nd Armored Division (CHG): California.
2nd Armored Division Rememberance Group: Belgium.
3rd Division: Florida.
3rd Division: California.
3rd Division, A Co. 30th Regiment:
3rd Infantry Division, 7th Infantry Regiment, 2nd Battalion, Fox Company: Midwest (Airsoft)
3rd Armored Division, 36th Armored Infantry Regiment (NWHA): Northwest.

4th Armored Division Historical Preservation Group: PA, NJ, NY, MD and DE
4th Armored Division: OH & western PA.
4th Infantry Division: Indiana.
4th Division, 1/D-Co., 8th Infantry Regiment: Midwest.
4th Division, Military Police Platoon: Maryland, North Carolina, & Indiana.
5th Ranger Battalion (RS) Inc.: East-coast & Midwest US.
5th Ranger Battalion, E-Co. (TSG): Michigan.
6th Cavalry Group: New Jersey.
6th Cavalry Group, Troop B, 3rd Army: Florida.
8th Division, 28th Regiment: Virginia.
9th Division (HRS): Chicago land.
9th Division: Ohio.
9th Infantry, E-Co., 2/39th Regiment (CHG): California.
9th Division, E-Co., 47th Infantry Regiment: Indiana.
10th Mountain Division: Colorado.
17th Airborne Division, B-Co., 2/507th PIR and 2/194th GIR: Pennsylvania.
17th Airborne Division, 513th PIR: Florida.
17th Airborne Division (HRS): Nationwide US.
24th Infantry (Pre 1942): Wisconsin
26th Division, C-Co., 101st Infantry Regiment: UK.
26th Division, B-Co., 104th Infantry Regiment: Northeast US.
28th Division, L-Co., 109th Infantry Regiment: Eastern US.
28th Division, 110th Infantry Regiment: PA-based.
29th Division: East-coast US.
29th Division, 116th Regiment, C-Co.: United Kingdom.
30th Division (WWII HPS/HRS): Iowa.
30th Division, 117th Infantry Regiment (HRS): Minnesota.
30th Division, B-Co., 1/117th Regiment: Southern US.
30th Division, B-Co., 1/117th Regiment: Tennessee.
30th Division, L-Co., 117th Regiment: East-coast US.
30th Division, K-Co., 120th Regiment (aka Old Hickory Association): VA, NC, & SC.
30th Division, 105th Engineer Combat Battalion (HRS): MN.
33rd Signal Construction Battalion: US group portraying Signal Corps troops that support communications in the field.
35th Division, 134th Infantry Regiment (e-mail): Midwest US.
35th Division, 320th Infantry Regiment: East coast US.
35th Division, MP Platoon (E-mail): Missouri.
36th Division: Indiana.
36th Division, B-Co., 1/141st Infantry: Texas T-patchers.
36th Division, B-Co., 1/141st Infantry: VA, MD, PA, and DE.
43rd Division (E-mail link): New England.
43rd Division (E-mail link): New England.
45th Division (W2HPG): NJ and Pennsylvania.
45th Division (WWIIRA): NJ and Pennsylvania.
51st Engineer Combat Battalion: Washington, D.C. area.
63rd Division: NYC-based.
70th Tank Battalion/Roberts Armory: Midwest.
78th Division:  New York, PA, and Maryland.
82nd Airborne Division, G Company 505th Pathfinders: TSG, Indiana.
82nd Airborne Division Museum Living History Detachment: Official Army unit out of Ft. Bragg, NC.
82nd Airborne Division, 307th A.E.B : NC, SC, VA area.
82nd Airborne Division, 325th GIR & 505th PIR: Southern states US.
82nd Airborne Division, 325th GIR: North Carolina.
82nd Airborne Division, F-Co., 325th GIR (WW II HRS): Central Indiana.
82nd Airborne Division, 504th PIR (WW II HRS): Midwest.


82nd Airborne Division, 504th PIR: Czech Republic.
82nd Airborne Division, B-Co., 3/504th PIR (Pathfinder):
82nd Airborne Division, I-Co., 3/504th PIR, 82nd A/B LHG (living history group): Pacific Northwest.
82nd Airborne Division, 3/505th PIR (AHA):
Washington & Oregon.
82nd Airborne Division, D-Co., 505th PIR (LMHA):
82nd Airborne Division, G-Co., 505th PIR (HRS):
82nd Airborne Division, 507th PIR:
New York.
82nd Airborne Division, C-Co., 1/508th PIR (PNWHG):
Northwest US.
82nd Airborne Division, E-Co., 508th PIR:
East coast US.
83rd Division, 329th Infantry Regiment:
83rd Division, B-Co., 329th RCT:
East-coast US.
84th Division, H-Co., 334th Infantry Regiment:
88th Division, 350th RCT (ETO):
90th Division, 358th Regiment: Ohio & PA.
90th Division, 359th Regiment:
Living-history group out of Germany.
94th Division:
New York based unit.
99th Division, E-Co.:
101st Airborne Division, 501st PIR:
Eastern TN, GA, and AL.
101st Airborne Division, I-Co., 501st PIR:
101st Airborne Division, HQ Company, 502nd PIR:
Encompassing several impressions, including 326th Engineers, 327th GIR, 511th PIR, British Airborne, and 11th Airborne (188th GIR). East-coast US.
101st Airborne Division, 502nd PIR & 327th GIR (WW II HRS):
101st Airborne Division, 3rd Platoon, B-Co., 1/502nd PIR (TSG):
 IL, IN, WI, and MI.
101st Airborne Division, B-Co., 1/502nd PIR (TMHS):
101st Airborne Division, B-Co., 1/502nd PIR: 1st Plt. IN (TSG), 2nd Plt. TX (TMHS), 3rd Plt. IL (TSG)
101st Airborne Division, E-Co., 502nd PIR:
101st Airborne Division, F-Co., 2/502nd PIR (HRS): Minnesota.
101st Airborne Division, 506th PIR: East-coast US.
101st Airborne Division, A-Co., 506th PIR & 401st GIR:
MI, OH, & PA.
101st Airborne Division, D-Co., 506th PIR:
Ft. Campbell KY, TN, AL, and GA
101st Airborne Division, E-Co., 506th PIR (LHG):
New York.
101st Airborne Division, E-Co., 2/506th PIR & 1st BN 401st GIR: Illinois/Midwest.
101st Airborne Division, E-Co., 2/506th PIR:
 St. Louis.
101st Airborne Division, E-Co., 2/506th PIR:
101st Airborne Division, E-Co., 506th PIR & 326th Eng. Btn.:
 UK-based unit.
101st Airborne Division, E-Co., 2/506th PIR:
 PA, MD, and NJ.
101st Airborne Division, I-Co., 506th PIR (HRS):
101st Airborne Division, E-Co. 327th Glider Infantry Regiment: Washington, DC area.
101st Airborne Division, 1/327th GIR:
101st Airborne Division, C-Co, 1/327th GIR:
101st Airborne Division, 3rd Platoon, 327th GIR:
 TN, AL, & MS.
101st Airborne Division, 401st GIR: Wisconsin.
101st Airborne Timeline Living History Society:
Great Lakes US.
103rd Division, 410th Infantry Regiment: PA & MD based.
106th Cavalry Group: Ohio.
442nd RCT, B-Co., 100th Battalion:
Japanese group portraying the Japanese-Americans in the ETO.
551st Parachute Infantry Battalion (HRS):
Midwest US.

15th Army Air Force, 461st Bomb Group (H), 767th Squadron:
 Living history group portraying bomber air & ground crews.


USAAF Living History Group: Public display unit based in Vermont.
Lone Star Flight Museum:
Living history group in Texas.
Fantasy Flight: Army Air Corps reenactors.
Victory Wings
: Open to all reenactors who portray officer or enlisted, men or women with intrest in WW2 Air Corps history.

3rd Raider Battalion, C-Co.:
"China Marines", K 3/23:
Midwest US.


Other U.S. GROUPS:
American GI:  U.S. Army Ground Forces in World War II:
Multi-impression unit out of Colorado, normally portraying the 2nd Rangers.
American Military Medical Impression, Inc:
 Living-history group dedicated to displaying a working US Army field hospital.
Naval Historical Detachment:
 US Navy & Coast Guard living history group, operating on real WW II vessels.
Normandia 44:
Poland-based living history group that portrays US infantry and airborne troops from the war.
World War Two Victory Association:
Living history group dedicated to preserving the memory of the home front in America.
12th Army Group Headquarters, Women's Army Corps Detachment:
Midwest; WWII HRS. The first all women's unit built around an actual TO&E.
US Military Women Historical Impressions:
US East-coast.
The Yanks Living History Group:
specialize in a static display, showing the development of US Army equipment during World War II; based in the UK.
Liberty Jump Team: Living history Parachute group
World War II Airborne Demonstration Team Foundation:


1st Independent Parachute Brigade:
East-coast US.
1st Independent Parachute Brigade: Midwest US.
10th Dragoons, 1st Armored Division:
 Main site for the east-coast & Midwest groups.
12th Podolian Lancers: Chicagoland/Midwest & Rocky Mountains region.
1st Infantry Division "Tadeusza Kosciuszki": Russian front "LWP" unit; based in Chicago.
Polish Army, September 1939: Chicago land.


2nd Guards Rifle Division:
3rd Rifle Division, 8th Regiment: Northeast US.
8th Guards Mechanized Corps: Midwest/Central states and Texas.
2nd Squad/21st Mechanized/8th Guards: Central US.
9th Guards (e-mail): NYC tri-state area.
13th Siberians, 62nd Army (HRS): Great Lakes US.
36th Motorized Rifle Division (TSG): Indiana & Michigan.
39th Guards Division: Ohio.
49th Guards: California.
147th Regiment/49th Guards (AGS): Australia.
253rd Rifle Regiment, 45th Division: Great Lakes US.
223rd Rifle Regiment / 53rd Rifle Division: East-Coast (central North Carolina).
89th Guards Rifle Division: Texas.
95th Rifle Division (early war)/75th Guards Rifle Division (late war): Indiana.
112th Rifle Division, 416th Rifle Regiment:
150th Rifle Division (CHG): California.
193rd Rifle Division:
East-coast US.
197th Guards:
343rd Rifle Division (TSG): Midwest US.


1st Canadian Parachute Battalion:
1st Airborne Division:
Southern California.
3rd Infantry Division, A Company, 1st Battalion, The Royal Norfolk Regiment, 185 Brigade: Great Britain.
6th Airborne Division, 3rd Para Brigade (NWHA):
 Northwest US.
6th Airborne Division, 3rd Para Brigade, 9th Battalion, A Coy.:
OK, KS, MO, and AR.
6th Airborne Division, 7th Para Battalion:
Southern US.
6th Airborne Division, A Coy, 7th (L.I.) Para Battalion, (NMHA): Florida.
Black Watch:
7th Black Watch (Scottish Highlanders):
East coast US.
#10 Commando (TSG): (E-mail link; contact 
Mike Dragisich): Midwest.
Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders, B-Coy, 2d Battalion:
Maryland & New York.
Coldstream Guards (TSG):
Chicago land.
East Yorkshire Regiment: East Coast
15th Scottish Division:
The Carolinas (US).
19th Regiment of Foot, The Green Howards:
 Northern CA.
Oxfordshire & Buckinghamshire Light Infantry (TMHS):
Queen's Own Rifles (Canada):
 East-coast US.
The Green Howards (CHG):
RAF 602 Squadron (City of Glasgow):
Living history group from Midwest US & Canada.
39th Australian Infantry Battlion:


Compañía Histórica 2éme. DB: “La Nueve”: Reenactors of the Spanish Republican soldiers that fought with the 2nd Free French Armored Division, also known as the “Leclerc Division”.
13th DBLE (French Foreign Legion):



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